The seminar covering all practical aspects on the application of large power transformers will be held in Irvine, California on JULY 10-12, 2018.   Find out more HERE.

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New Book Published!

From the renowned authors, Isidor (Izzy) Kerszenbaum and Geoff Klempner, a new book titled, “Large Turbo-Generators, Malfunctions and Symptoms.” This book presents a comprehensive, ordered relationship between malfunctions and symptoms occurring in large turbogenerators. With this book, the operator and/or engineer in a generating station could identify underlying causes of a developing component degradation or a failure quicker, which could potentially save both time and money and reduce the trial-and-error troubleshooting process. Check out a copy today!


Experience Matters!

We have been creating value in Electric Power Engineering for many years. Our multi-faceted effort has touched many major areas of electric power generation. There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out, and we work with you to ensure your success.

Today’s competitive and demanding power industry mandates that workers in all trades possess a high degree of experience and formal training. Whether the project is assembling turbine generators, performing failure analysis, building a power plant or maintenance, we share their knowledge and experience throughout the year. You are invited to join our seminars or request a tailored training at your facility.