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Book_Large_GeneratorsHandbook of Large Turbo-Generator Operations and Maintenance second edition (2011)
By Dr. Isidor Kerszenbaum and Geoff Klempner

This book offers the complete scope of information regarding operation and maintenance of all types of turbine-driven generators built in the world. The information presented is designed to inform the reader about actual machine operational problems and failure modes that occur in generating stations and other types of facilities. Sponsored by IEEE Power Engineering Society.







Book_Large_Synchronous_MachinesInspection of Large Synchronous Machines: checklists, failure identification, and troubleshooting (1996)
By Isidor Kerszenbaum

Gain an understanding of the inspection of large synchronous machines, generators,
condensers, and motors! This text describes each component of the machine, operational functions, typical design features, and tell-tale signs that indicate each
mode of failure. Compact with photos, graphs, commonly-used inspection forms, along with extensive references for each topic, it is an excellent tool for operators, inspectors, and student engineers. Sponsored by IEEE Power Engineering Society.





Large Turbo Generator Malfunction and Symptoms (2016)