Fundamentals of Electric Motors and Diesel Generators

3-day technical course, Fundamentals of Electric Motors and Diesel Generators

This seminar is intended for power plant operators, engineering and management, as well as repair shop personnel. The course is in particular beneficial for new technical employees with little or no previous experience with large motors and/or diesel generators such as EDGs in nuclear plants or for black start or standby applications. Nuclear system and protection engineers with responsibility for the operation and maintenance of these apparatuses will benefit greatly.

The course includes a comprehensive handout that serves as a very good reference for most issues related to large motors and diesel generators.

The workshop is based on the presenter’s thirty plus years of R&D, design, generating station work and experience. The information conveyed in the class and the handout is designed to inform about actual motor and diesel generator operational problems and failure modes that occur in generating stations and other types of facilities, as well as an overview of testing, monitoring and protecting these expensive components.

Presentation of the course will be by:  Dr. Isidor (Izzy) Kerszenbaum

Izzy is an IEEE Fellow of the Power and Energy and Magnetics societies. He is an electric power apparatus specialist consulting to power plants on operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of large motors, generators and transformers.  Izzye started his career as a high-voltage protection engineer, moving next into the world of rotating machines, first as a designer and R&D engineer, and then as a specialist on large synchronous generators. He also spent a number of years in design and R&D of power transformers. During his professional career, Izzy has consulted to power plants, both within the Edison International family of generating stations, as well as others, on motors, generators and transformers. He was for 10 years consulting engineer for the large motors, EDGs, main generators and large power transformers at a nuclear plant.

Izzy has published many technical papers, including a seminal paper on K-Factor transformers that received the IEEE IAS best paper award. He authored and co-authored two books on the operation and maintenance of large synchronous generators. He has been for many years very active in the IEEE IAS and PES societies, serving as technical committee chairman, working group chairman, conference technical chair and treasurer. Over the years, Izzy also has taught classes on electric power engineering at a number of universities, as well as the power section preparatory course for the PE examination in California.