INTRODUCTION: Design, Operations and Maintenance of Large Turbo-Generators

The acclaimed 5-day technical seminar, “Large Turbo-Generators – Design, Operation and Maintenance”.  The course conveys the most current information, presented by generator specialists, Geoff Klempner and Isidor (Izzy) Kerszenbaum.

The course is based on the NEW EDITION of their textbook; “Handbook of Large Turbo-Generator Operation and Maintenance”, co-authored by Klempner and Kerszenbaum.  A copy of the book will be supplied as the course material.

Target Audience

This seminar is designed for power plant and repair shop engineers and managers, turbine-generator maintenance personnel, repair vendor’s personnel, and personnel engaged in the selection of inspection/evaluation/repair services.

Presenters: Izzy Kerszenbaum and Geoff Klempner

Izzy is an IEEE Fellow, located in Irvine, CA. He is a generator specialist consulting to power plants on operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of large motors and generators.  He consults through IzzyTech LLC.

He started his career as a high-voltage protection engineer, moving next into the world of rotating machines, first as a designer and R&D engineer, and then as a specialist on large synchronous generators. He also spent a number of years in design and R&D of power transformers. During his professional career, Izzy has consulted to power plants, both within the Edison International family of generating stations, as well as others, on generators.

Izzy has published many technical papers and authored and co-authored two books on the operation and maintenance of large synchronous generators.  He’s a past Chair of the Electric Machines Committee of the IEEE-PES.  He is past chair of the Working Group 3 of the Electric Machines Committee of the IEEE-PES, and also past chair of WG10.  He was the technical chair of the 1999 International Electric Machines and Drives Conference held in Seattle and the co-technical chair of the same conference held in Miami in 2009.

Izzy has been very active in EPRI and the IEEE regarding the operation and maintenance of large generators.

Geoff is an IEEE Fellow and a large rotating electrical machines specialist in the power industry.  He is a consulting engineer in GSK Engineering, located in Toronto, Canada.  His areas of expertise include: large generator and motors, including, inspection, testing, design evaluation, failure analysis, electromagnetic FE analysis, life assessment, preparation of technical specifications and test procedures.

Previously he worked for several years as a Senior Consulting Engineer in NSS-AMEC, and Senior Engineer-Specialist in Ontario Hydro (now Ontario Power Generation) for over 25 years. His responsibilities included: Engineering improvements and modifications to generating station power equipment, specifically large generators and motors. He provided advice to project engineers and generating station maintenance and operation staff.  These activities covered the technical areas as above, also including financial evaluations and tender evaluation.

His consulting activities have included assistance to Southern California Edison, PG&E, ESKOM, Ameren UE, Duke Power, Delta Electricity, GE, Alstom and Ontario Power Generation, to name a few.  He has also worked extensively on EPRI projects, concerning electrical machines and monitoring. Geoff has authored or co-authored numerous papers and documents, listing over 50 articles, and has an extensive background of professional activities, with IEEE, EPRI and CIGRE.